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Social Studies
Homework Help
Number Lines
Multiply, Divide Basic Facts
Order of Operations
Multiply Larger Numbers
Primes, Composites
Divisibility Rules
Divide Larger Numbers
Decimal Computation
Fractions: Add, Subtract
Fractions: Multiply, Divide
Place Value
Problem Solving
Data Analysis
Improper and Mixed
Simplifying Fractions
Fraction Equivalencies
Plane Geometry - 2D
Solid Geometry - 3D
Cells and Microorganisms
Heredity and Behavior
Animal Classification
Plant Classification
Magnets and Electricity
Physical, Chemical Change
Earth Science
Oceans, Beaches, Wetlands
Science MiniVideos

Civil War
Turn of the Century
World War I
1920s and 1930s
World War II

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Reading and Writing


Social Studies
Retelling Fiction
Retelling Nonfiction
Persuasive Writing 
Beginning of Year Math
Beginning of Year Math (Sp)
Multiplying Larger Numbers
Multiplying Larger Numbers (Sp)
Divisibility of Numbers
Fraction Equivalencies
Adding Fractions
Multiplying Fractions
Dividing Fractions 
Cells #1
Cells #2
Physical and Chemical Changes
Changing Earth 
Civil War
Changing Nation
WWI, 1920s, Great Depression
People from Civil War to Today 

video Many More Reading/English Videos by Topic


  readart Reading Activities 2nd Grade
  readart Reading Activities 3rd Grade
  readart Reading Activities 4th Grade
  readart Reading Activities 5th Grade


  quia Poetry Vocabulary Practice
  quia Common Poetry Terms Quiz
  innovlng Explaining Idioms Quiz


  harcourt Complete, Simple, and Compound Sentences Quiz


  harcourt Nouns (Possessive) Quiz
  harcourt Action Verbs and Linking Verbs Quiz
  harcourt Past Tense Irregular Verbs Quiz
  harcourt Adjectives Quiz
  eduplace Grammar Blast! Adjectives, Adverbs Quiz


Homework Help

  aaa AAA Math Help for all of your math topics
  times Multiplication Flashcards to print

Number Lines

  mathisfun Zoomable Number Line  Get in close with decimals.
  mathisfun Fraction Number Line Slide the tool to find equivalent fractions.

Multiplication and Division Basic Facts

  studyjams Multiplication Animated Lesson
  studyjams Relate Multiplication and Division Animated Lesson

Order of Operations

  studyjams Order of Operations Animated Lesson
  mathplayground Order of Operations Video Lesson (PEMDAS)

Multiplication of Larger Numbers

  math5live Multiplication of Whole Numbers Click Lessons
  khanacademy Multiplication with Carrying Video Lesson
  studyjams Distributive Property "Animated Lesson
  khanacademy Multiplication 2-Digit x 2-Digit Video Lesson
  khanacademy Multiplying Multiple-Digit Numbers  Video Lesson
  khanacademy Lattice Multiplication  Video Lesson

Primes, Composites, and Multiples

  mathplayground What is a Prime Number?    Video Lesson
  studyjams Prime Factorization  Animated Lesson
  mathplayground What is Prime Factorization?  Video Lesson
  studyjams Prime and Composite Numbers Animated Lesson
  math5live Multiples, Factors, Primes Click Lessons
  Math6 Factors, Multiples, Prime  Factors #7 Click Lessons
  studyjams Multiples  Animated Lesson

Divisibility Rules

  studyjams Divisibility Rules  Animated Lesson
  Helpingwithmath Divisibility Rules Information

Division of Larger Numbers

  khanacademy Introduction to Long Division Video Lesson
  studyjams Single Digit Division Animated Lesson and Karaoke
  mathplayground Long Division Video Lesson
  math5live Division of Whole Numbers  Click Lessons
  khanacademy Long Division With Remainders Video Lesson
  khanacademy More Long Division With Remainders Video Lesson
  div City Blocks Interpret remainder
  studyjams Double-Digit Division  Animated Lesson

Decimal Computation

  math5live Add and Subtract Decimals Click Lessons
  studyjams Addition, Subtraction of Decimals Animated Lesson
  studyjams Multiplication of Decimals Animated Lesson
  mathplayground How do you Multiply Decimals?  Video Lesson
  khanacademy Multiplying Decimals Video Lesson
  math5live Multiplication and Division of Decimals  Click Lessons
  studyjams Division of Decimals Animated Lesson
  mathplayground How do you Divide Decimals?  Video Lesson
  mathplayground Divide Decimals by Powers of Ten   Video Lesson
  khanacademy Dividing Decimals Video Lesson

Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

  mathplayground How do you add fractions?  Video Lesson
  studyjams Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers Animated Lesson
  Helpingwithmath Adding and Subtracting Fractions Video Lesson
  studyjams Common Denominators Animated Lesson
  studyjams Unlike Denominators Animated Lesson
  mathplayground Find the Fraction of a Number  Video Lesson
  studyjams Finding a Fraction of a Set  Animated Lesson

Multiplication and Division of Fractions

  mathplayground How do you Divide Fractions?  Video Lesson

video  Many More Math Videos by Topic

Place Value

  studyjams Place Value Animated Lesson
  BBC Whole Numbers Interactive Lesson
  studyjams Order Whole Numbers Animated Lesson
  studyjams Number Lines  Animated Lesson
  harcourt Forms of Numbers Standard, expanded, and word
  studyjams Expanded Notation  Animated Lesson
  video Powers of Ten Video
  studyjams Integers Positive and negative numbers
  studyjams Estimate Whole Numbers Animated Lesson

Problem Solving

  Math6 Problem Solving Strategies  Click Strategies
  studyjams Identify Missing, Extra Information  Animated Lesson
  studyjams Creating Equations  Animated Lesson
  studyjams Missing Operation in an Equation  Animated Lesson
  harcourt Operation Restore Power Choose + - x ÷
  harcourt Operation Thunderstorm Choose + - x ÷
  mathplayground Thinking Blocks Solve problems by modeling answers
  mathplayground Math Playground  Problem Solving Activities

Data Analysis

  studyjams Line Plots Animated Lesson
  studyjams Pictograph Animated Lesson
  studyjams Bar Graphs Animated Lesson
  bar Bar Grapher Make a bar graph
  studyjams Double-Line Graphs Animated Lesson


  BBC Decimals Interactive Lesson
  Math6 Decimals #1 Click Lessons
  math5live Decimal Place Value  Click Lessons
  studyjams Place Value of Decimals  Animated Lesson
  studyjams Place Decimal on a Number Line Animated Lesson
  studyjams Rounding Decimals  Animated Lesson
  Math6 Rounding Decimal Numbers #9  Click Lessons
  studyjams Compare Money Amounts Animated Lesson
  math5live Compare and OrderDecimals  Click Lessons
  Math6 Solving Problems with Decimals #5 Click Lessons


  Helpingwithmath Introducing Fractions Video Lesson
  studyjams Fractions  Animated Lesson
  BBC Fractions Interactive Lesson
  math5live Proper Fractions  Click Lessons
  math5live Compare and Order Fractions  Click Lessons
  mathplayground Compare and Order Fractions   Video Lesson
  studyjams Order Fractions and Decimals Animated Lesson

Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers

  Math6 Improper and Mixed Numbers #2 Click Lessons
  khanacademy Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions  Video Lesson
  Helpingwithmath Improper Fractions Video Lesson
  studyjams Compare Fractions, Mixed Numbers Animated Lesson

Simplifying Fractions and
Getting Common Denominators

  studyjams Greatest Common Factor  Animated Lesson
  mathplayground How do you find GCF and LCM?  Video Lesson
  khanacademy Greatest Common Factor Video Lesson
  mathplayground Word Problems for GCF  Video Lesson
  studyjams Least Common Multiple Animated Lesson
  khanacademy Least Common Multiple Video Lesson
  mathplayground How do you Simplify Fractions?  Video Lesson
  studyjams Simplest Form Animated Lesson
  Helpingwithmath Simplifying Fractions  Video Lesson

Fraction Equivalencies

  studyjams Equivalent Fractions Animated Lesson
  math5live Equivalent Fractions Click Lessons
  Helpingwithmath Equivalent Fractions Video Lesson
  khanacademy Equivalent Fractions Video Lesson
  mathplayground Change Fractions to Decimals  Video Lesson
  khanacademy Converting Fractions to Decimals Video Lesson
  studyjams Decimal and Fraction Equivalents Animated Lesson
  studyjams Decimals, Fractions, Percents Animated Lesson

Plane Geometry

  studyjams Congruent Figures Animated Lesson
  studyjams Similar Figures Animated Lesson
  studyjams Transformations Animated Lesson
  studyjams Perimeter  Animated Lesson
  BBC Perimeter Interactive Lesson
  BBC Area Interactive Lesson
  math5live Area/Perimeter Click Lessons
  Math6 Area and Perimeter #12  Click Lessons
  mathplayground Area and Perimeter  Video Lesson
  Math6 Relating Area and Perimeter #13 Click Lessons
  khanacademy Area and Perimeter Video Lesson

Solid Geometry

  studyjams Solid Figures Slide show
  studyjams Edges, Faces, Vertices  Animated Lesson
  studyjams Surface Area  Animated Lesson
  Math6 Surface Area of Prisms #14 Click Lessons
  mathplayground Surface Area of Prisms  Video Lesson
  studyjams Volume  Animated Lesson
  math5live Volume  Click Lessons
  mathplayground Volume of Prisms  Video Lesson


  Math6 Summarizing / Extending Patterns #8  Click Lessons
  harcourt Algebra Math Jingle Song with lyrics
  studyjams Number Patterns Animated Lesson
  studyjams Geometric Patterns  Animated Lesson
  math5live Patterns Click Lessons
  math5live Estimation  Click Lessons
  studyjams Function Tables  (In and Out Boxes) Animated Lesson
  Math6 Balancing Equations #11  Click Lessons
  studyjams Addition, Subtraction Equations Animated Lesson
  studyjams Multiplication, Division Equations  Animated Lesson
  studyjams Equations from Word Problems Animated Lesson


Cells and Microorganisms

  studyjams The Kingdoms of Life Animated Lesson
  studyjams Animal Cells Slide Show
  studyjams Plant Cells Slide Show and Karaoke
  4kids Cell Structure Information, Quiz at bottom
  4kids Cell Function Information, Quiz at bottom
  4kids Cell Membranes Information, Quiz at bottom
  4kids Cell Nucleus Information, Quiz at bottom
  4kids Cell Mitochondria  Information, Quiz at bottom
  4kids Plant Chloroplasts  Information, Quiz at bottom
  4kids Microorganisms Information, Quiz at bottom

Heredity and Behavior

  studyjams Heredity  Animated Lesson
  brainpop Heredity Brainpop Movie
  4kidsWhat Are Genes?  Video Lesson

Animal Classification

  studyjams Invertebrates Slide Show
  4kids Invertebrates  Information, Quiz at bottom
  4kids Vertebrates and Invertebrates Information
  4kids Vertebrates  Information, Quiz at bottom
  studyjams Vertebrates Slide Show
  studyjams Arthropods Slide Show
  4kids Animal Classification Information
  4kids Classification of Animals PowerPoint
  4kids Animal Classification Information and Game

Plant Classification

  studyjams Roots and Stems Slide Show
  studyjams Photosynthesis  Animated Lesson
  studyjams Plants with Seeds Animated Lesson
  studyjams Gymnosperms: Seeds in Cones Animated Lesson
  studyjams Angiosperms: Seeds in Fruit Animated Lesson
  studyjams Plants Without Seeds Slide Show
  studyjams Flowers  Animated Lesson
  studyjams Mosses and Ferns Slide Show
  studyjams Plant Adaptations Animated Lesson
  4kids Plants  Information, Quiz at bottom

Magnets and Electricity

  studyjams Atoms  Animated Lesson
  studyjams Electricity Animated Lesson
  studyjams Current Electricity and Electric Circuits  Slide Show
  studyjams Magnetism Slide Show
  4kids Learning Circuits Lessons

Matter, Chemical and Physical Change

  studyjams Properties of Matter Animated Lesson
  studyjams Solids, Liquids, and Gases  Animated Lesson
  studyjams Making Changes in Matter Animated Lesson
  studyjams Mixtures Animated Lesson
  studyjams Elements and Compounds Animated Lesson
  4kids Atoms  Information, Quiz at bottom
  4kids Matter  Information, Quiz at bottom
  quia Physical or Chemical Change? Quiz
  quia Physical and Chemical Changes Quiz
  4kids Chemical vs. Physical Changes Info, Quiz
  4kids Chemical Reactions  Information, Quiz at bottom

Earth Science

  4kids Online Education Resources Geology for Kids
  4kids Earth's Structure Information, Quiz at bottom
  4kids Georgia Geography Information
  studyjams Landforms Slide Show and Karaoke
  4kids Dynamic Earth Interactive Lessons
  studyjams Weathering and Erosion Animated Lesson
  studyjams Volcanoes  Animated Lesson
  studyjams Earthquakes  Animated Lesson

Oceans, Beaches, and Wetlands

  studyjams Earth's Oceans Slide Show
  studyjams Tides Animated Lesson
  studyjams The Water Cycle  Animated Lesson
  studyjams Waves and Currents  Animated Lesson
  studyjams The Ocean Floor Slide Show

Science Up Close Mini Videos

  video Science Up Close Grade 1: Seeds
  video Science Up Close Grade 2: Parts of a Flower, Making Muffins, Electric Circuit
  video Science Up Close Grade 3: Photosynthesis, Ice Cracks Rocks, Soil, Battery, Magnetic Poles
  video Science Up Close Grade 4: Fern, Faults, Heat, Matter, Water Current and Electric Current 
  video Science Up Close Grade 5:  Cells, Flowers, Photosynthesis, Volcano, Rock Cycle, Electric Motor, Magnets
  video Science Up Close Grade 6: Mendel's Discoveries, Protists, Fruit, Earth's Layers, Chemical Reactions, Atom


Social Studies Topics

  video Social Studies Videos by Topic
  video More Historical Videos by Topic
  video 50 Nifty United States Song Video
  4kids United States Geography Interactive Map Lessons

Civil War
  video Amazing Civil War Movies  Video (short)
  video Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address Video (3:00)
  4kids The Underground Railroad Interactive Lessons
  spartacus American Civil War  All You Want To Know

The Turn of the Century

  spartacus  The American West  All You Want To Know
  spartacus The Industrial Revolution  All You Want To Know
  video Panama Canal ~ How It Works
  4kids Teddy Roosevelt Kids Page

World War 1

  video World War I Video (25:00)
  video Causes of WWI (Part 1)  Video (8:41)
  video Causes of WWI (Part 2) Video (7:48)
  video Outbreak of WWI Video (2:49)
  video World War I Footage Video (4:13)
  spartacus  The First World War All You Want To Know
  bbc World War I British Perspective

1920s and 1930s
  4kids Sharing Memories Life during the Great Depression

World War II

  video A Short History of WWII Video (7:00)
  spartacus  The Second World War All You Want To Know